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Building Steel Buildings in California

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Constructing pre engineered steel buildings for california can be complicated depending on the buildings codes. Some of the seismic requirements are extreme and the building must be beefed up to support these conditions. With the proper engineering anything is possible, no matter what the building codes are. Gertting permitted to build in California is usually harder then most common places, due to the high seismic coefficients (Earthquake) getting permitted to build is not simple. However with a good engineering company this task becomes much easier. A qualified engineer will take the time in making sure the building is built to code and also send you proper drawings for permitting.



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February 14, 2011 at 4:11 pm

How to Insulate a Metal Building

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If you have or are planning on assembling a metal building in a hot or cold climate insulation is a must.

The three materials you will need to insulate your building are:  insulation, double-sided tape, and metal tape.

To assemble insulation on a new steel building you sandwich the insulation between the sheeting and the Girts/Purlins. Add the double-sided tape in your kit to the Girts/Purlins. Unroll the insulation on to the Girts/Purlins assemble metal tape to hold the insulation in place, just make sure you leave a small gap for air space.

To assemble insulation on an existing building simply take the sheeting off your building and repeat the first process allowing a bit of sag for air to ventilate.



Historic church faces razing

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By Christine Legere Globe Correspondent / November 18, 2010

East Bridgewater’s demolition delay bylaw is all that stands between the wrecking ball and a grand church that was central to 19th-century life in the once-bustling Elmwood section of

The 40-member East Bridgewater Society of the New Jerusalem Church has applied for a permit to tear down the 156-year-old Elmwood New Church on West Street. It plans to replace the drafty old church with a single-story metal building, saying the change will allow for a downscaled, handicapped-accessible structure more in line with the size of the congregation.

The local Historical Commission can invoke the town’s demolition delay bylaw, but that would only stall destruction of the church for 120 days. Invoking the ordinance would require the congregation to explore viable alternatives to razing the historic building.

The plight of the Elmwood New Church is sadly a sign of the times, said Brian McNiff, spokesman for the Massachusetts Historical Commission.

“The issue comes up frequently: to keep a building by preserving it, or to tear it down,’’ he said. “Right now, well over 100 towns in Massachusetts have demolition delay bylaws to give people a chance to pause and look at alternatives.’’

Those alternatives can be hard to come by, especially when the age and condition of the structure make reuse impossible or extremely costly.

In the case of the Elmwood New Church, the decision to raze it was triggered by renewed focus on the building’s poor condition by the town’s new building inspector. When Edward Gardner took over last spring, he began by touring public buildings. He found the church had several structural deficiencies, and the roof supports were so rotted he feared the listing steeple might crash right through, said the Rev. Donna Keane, the congregation’s minister.

“Lack of maintenance over the last 50 or 60 years created most of the problems,’’ said Keane. “The congregation is dwindling. We didn’t have the money to pay for the required repairs.’’

The church building has since been condemned. An attached community hall, built in the late 19th century and used by neighborhood groups for everything from theater performances to flea markets, was shut down several years ago, when building codes got tougher following the Station nightclub fire in Rhode Island.

The congregants are temporarily meeting at the local Methodist church.

The old church held its final service on Nov. 7, drawing about 150 townspeople.

“There was sadness, gladness, anger, and joy,’’ Keane said. “Change is difficult on everyone.’’

The history of the Elmwood New Church dates to 1820, when a local group studying the religious teaching of Swedish philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg began meeting.

In 1854, they built the church, which was crowned by a soaring steeple with a clock believed to be fashioned by Edward Howard, a 19th-century Boston clockmaker. Later, the congregation installed stained glass in the church’s largest window frames.

Nineteenth-century Elmwood was a bustling village, comprising many homes, shops, and shoe factories.

Local historians say President Abraham Lincoln requisitioned shoes for the Union soldiers from the village’s shoemakers. In reaction to the 1861 First Battle of Bull Run, the first major land battle of the American Civil War, Elmwood New Church minister, poet, and scholar Timothy Otis Paine carved a poem into a rock in a Cottage Street grove owned by his church. The rock, with its carving, remains.

The 16 acres owned by the church on Cottage Street will serve as the congregation’s seed money for the future church building. “We already have a purchase-and-sale agreement for a residential development,’’ Keane said.

Peter Swanson said he can trace his family back to the church’s earliest congregations.

“It’s very emotional and sad for me and for all the generations of my family,’’ Swanson said. “But I’m young enough to look at this as ‘The future is rebuilding.’ Change is inevitable, and this building has been breaking down for 20 years.’’

The East Bridgewater Historical Commission is set to open discussion about the church’s plan at 7 p.m. Monday in the town hall.

Importance Of Engineering

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Engineering of metal buildings result in the ease of the buildings construction. When a buildings engineering is poorly done the buildings pieces wont fit and hundreds of other problems will come up, costing you time money and stress. A buildings engineering will determine the buildings strength, lifespan, and appearance.

Poor engineering usually results in problematic permitting issues, what can be problematic? and why would anyone choose a company of such?  Poor engineering is usually premeditated to earn business with low price,  the buildings permitting is up to the customer and many companies will not mention anything about permitting. Once the customer makes a deposit the drawings are produced, if there is a problem with the drawings the customer will have to pay to have them redone, usually costing arms and legs. When a customer is getting quoted, their quotes will very. A good amount of quotes will seem much cheaper, due to cheap engineering using lower grade materials and minimum requirements. In the steel buildings industry price should be the last thing a customer looks at.

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Steel Garage

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In the twentieth century a device came along that revolutionized the way we live. Thanks to this device, distances that were previously took weeks to complete now take mere hours. In the past, people would spend a day walking to travel the distance that now days we do twice a day, to our workplace, to our school, or wherever we want to go. This device was called the automobile, and it has even been said to symbolize the ideals of the United States of America: freedom of movement, technology and speed.

Now, it is interesting that such handy tool, used by millions of people around the globe, day by day is often just stored on the street, free for vandals to defame and weather to wear. In the olden days, people would treat their travel facilitating equipment (horses) with proper care. They would keep them in stables to protect them from the coldness and dampness. Nowadays however, we live in such wealth that we tend to take everything for granted. The reader may be wondering, how does this have anything to do with cars? Aren’t they supposed to withstand rain and snow? Well this is true, but so are coats. No sooner should you leave your brand new expensive coat outside in the rain than should you leave your car under similar conditions.

It is a simple matter of protecting your investment. All over the world, people spend millions of dollars a year in keeping their cars in shape. Millions of cars are being sold and bought every month. Many of them are used cars. When you look at a used car, you can tell which one has spent years in the rain, and which one has been in a garage. Buying and setting up a simple steel garage nowadays is quite inexpensive. It is not a luxury by any means! In today’s economy, what truly is a luxury is allowing our vehicles condition (and therefore price) to deteriorate when we can prevent it from doing so with the simplest means.

The answer to this is easy. Having no garage is simply no excuse for careless laziness. If you have a car and you live in a place which does not have ideal weather conditions, a garage is a must. Steel garages are not only inexpensive and simple to set up, they are extremely easy to set up. It is no more difficult than to set up a tree house and yet these buildings provide the protection against weather, burglars or everyday accidents that you need.

If you don’t have a garage, buying a car is a waste of money if you don’t invest in buying a steel garage to protect it.

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Building in Mid-Autumn

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Constructing a pre-fabricated structure is best done before winter’s snow fall. If you are interested in putting up a building before winter, mid autumn is the latest time to get your building materials ordered. It is not possible to pour a concrete slab in the winter due to all the snow fall.

The steel buildings construction process is much easier to do in spring or fall, when the temperature is just right. Working in summer heat or in the winter cold slows down the erection process. Waiting to order a building at the end of autumn is a common thing to do, the problem with that is everyone is ordering at that time. Everyone is rushing to beat the snow fall, and manufacturing gets backed up. MBMI steel buildings can guarantee a basic building delivery within 30 days.

MBMI will have approval drawings to you within a few days, stamped engineered drawings within 2 weeks, and your building delivered to your job site within 30 days, MBMI metal buildings is has engineers in-house available to assist you from the design stages to the erection stages.

Testimonial #32 Steve Young’s Metal Workshop in Charlotte, NC.

Pre-engineered metal buildings: from churches to rodeo arenas

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There are several things to consider when you decide on building. Choosing the right materials, the right sizes and the right dimensions are no small task, its also very important to choose the right manufacturer. Some of things you will need to take into consideration include safety, cost efficiency, time and durability. You will want to choose a manufacturer and materials that allow modern, safe, economical and quick solutions for your building needs.

These days prefabricated steel buildings are gaining popularity in a number of areas. Prefab steel structures are suitable for a number of purposes such as airplane hangars, storage areas, garages, workshops and even churches. They also offer one of the best, safest, and most durable solutions for agricultural buildings and horse riding arenas.

Not only are they more safe and comfortable for the animals and the people working with them, prefab metal structures also enable owners to cut operating costs, and optimize space. A traditional wooden barn is much more susceptible to fire and other natural disaster than a steel building. Not only is a steel barn built with an I-beam more durable than a light gauge pole barn, the nature of the structure also provides more usable space.

Metal Barn

A picture of metal barn with a green gambrel roof.

Horse Riding Arena

Picture of a metal riding arena

Agricultural steel buildings can be designed to make optimal use of natural lighting, which saves a lot of money in the long run, and also offers an environmentally friendly solution. Using insulation packages the structures can efficiently be kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Steel riding arenas can be constructed with or without walls, the latter offering great ventilation, while simultaneously keeping rain out. Fully insulated, enclosed riding arenas make for ideal riding temperatures even in the winter time.

Pre-engineered metal structures are suitable for small storage sheds as well as over 200 feet wide clear spans great for horseback riding and rodeos. The convenient thing about prefab metal buildings is that they are expandable. If you choose to build a riding arena, you can later add stables, pens, metal barns or spectator stands as needed. Another advantage of structures consisting of several components assembled on site, is that they save time. They are constructed faster than conventional buildings.

Whether you need a place for your hobby, need extra storage room, want safe and comfortable housing for your livestock or horses or if need a clear span space for safe and enjoyable horseback riding, or almost anything else you can think of, these modern, economical and versatile structures are definitely a solution to consider.